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Online Coaching & Counseling for Team Leaders

Teams can benefit from our systemic team training to achieve team goals and resolve team conflicts. We coach team leaders to develop healthy relationships and improve productivity, and we coach individual team members to manage any resistance to healthy productivity, cooperation and collaboration.

Effective Team Leadership

Few groups of people can truthfully be called teams. Managing groups rarely needs the skills and dedication required for effective team leadership. Organizing people or overseeing workgroups requires far less skill than developing those groups into competent, inspired and cooperating teams.

Perhaps you are a member of a group that you know could do better – maybe a lot better – and you would like to be an effective leader. Imagine that you repeatedly see the following actions during meetings … how might a competent leader react?

  1. A team member is overly talkative
  2. A team member continually distracts the leader
  3. A team member says, “Yes, but …” to every idea
  4. A team member communicates: “I am always right
  5. Two team members whisper while the leader is talking
  6. A team member accuses the leader, “You make us look bad
  7. A member provides important information only after decisions are made

If you don’t know how to solve these problems smoothly and you want to be an effective team leader – you could probably benefit from our coaching or training. We coach teams and team leaders to manage problems while taking steps towards defining and achieving worthwhile goals. Our team training offers both short-term results and long-term development.

Systemic Leadership

Candidates for leadership usually demonstrate superior accomplishments and can inspire people to embody the core competencies and values of an organization. Dressing for success and pretty certificates are not enough. You can maximize your potential with our leadership coaching.

Teams and organizations need leaders, and leadership skills enhance your success within your organization. Leadership skills benefit both you and your organization … enhance your income, productivity, greater job satisfaction and success towards your objectives.

All teams start as groups – do you want to coach groups to develop into teams? Or do you want to coach so-so team leaders to become effective? Or perhaps both?

Coaching Groups to become Teams

  •  Generate Efficiency
  •  Develop Team Goals
  •  From Hoping to Acting
  •  Dissolve Hidden Agendas
  •  Commitment & Accountability
  •  Keep on Going
  •  Replicate Success
  •  Frustration & Failure
  •  Celebrate and Enjoy
  •  Share Values & Vision


Leadership Coaching for Top Team Leaders

Do your core values match the values of your team? If you are trying to force people to change their values … well, good luck. An early step should be to assess the team values – and your own – and check that they match.

If you are highly success oriented and the team is highly relationship oriented or stability oriented or survival oriented … what can you do? If your values do not match the team values, there are solutions.

What type of team leader do you want to be? A dictator? An absent manager? A motivator? A supportive parent? You leadership skills may need fine-tuning. The Golden Rule (the person with the gold makes the rules) may work with desperate or needy people, for a short time anyway. It may also work for gang leadership – but probably not for effective team leadership.

You cannot develop your leadership skills alone; mentorship is integral to quality teamwork. Can you invest 100% in a team when you do not agree 100% with their goals, values or methods? We coach and mentor team leaders … and people who want to become team leaders:

  1. Build passion and integrity
  2. Identify what can be changed
  3. Select appropriate team members
  4. Predict, identify and analyze relationships
  5. Resolve conflicts to build motivation and trust
  6. Resolve your own issues (personal, emotional and prejudicial)
Top Leaders lead Top Teams

Do you feel threatened or liberated by the qualities and competence of your team members? Are you afraid of or do you prefer competition for your leadership? Are you reacting to old beliefs or creating new ones? We coach team leaders to inspire team members (we’re talking about team leadership – managing work pools or leading gangs need different skills):

  1. Enjoy flexible leadership
  2. Appreciate and use diversity
  3. Share core values and mission
  4. Facilitate team decision making
  5. Be delighted to be part of the team
  6. Work together with other team members
  7. Value performance, flexibility, creativity and variety
  8. Develop members’ personal qualities and team skills
Top Leaders manage Team Problems

Effective team leaders coach teams to manage team problems. Some of the more common conflicts that effective leaders must manage in teams are:

  1. Criticism
  2. Hidden agendas
  3. Immature members
  4. Passive aggression
  5. Endless discussions
  6. Conflicts between members

We suggest that different people coach individual team members and teams if there
are strong conflicts between team member’s individual goals and the team’s collective goals.

Top Leaders Build Top Teams

We can identify the underlying structure of team problems and help provide clear team goals. Focus on shared values and support members who want to excel. We coach leaders to discuss team objectives and balance team relationships.

Do you want to manage emotional problems and solve relationship issues?
Do you want to boost productivity and quality?

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