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Emotional and relationship problems have many solutions that are nice, simple and wrong.
Health, wealth and happiness are created in human systems – and require systemic solutions.

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Our systemic coaching does not replace classic coaching. Classic coaching is useful when individuals make decisions in controllable environments with simple objectives. Our systems coaching is useful when making relationship decisions, especially in complex environments with ambiguous objectives.
Martyn Carruthers


Can you organize seminars, in-house training or public workshops?
Are you interested in providing useful and profitable trainings?
Do you want professional systemic coach training – free?

If you are interested, we need to know …

 Your name  Your city/country  Your profession Your age
 Your goals  Your experience  Your credibility  Potential dates

Free systemic coach training and free workshops are available to organizers.
Free systemic coaching is available for demonstration subjects.

For relationship or management coaching or systemic coach training, email us.


Systemic Coach Training: Summary

Are you interested in relationship coaching and systemic coach training? Do you want people to learn how to manage a huge variety of emotional and relationship challenges? We offer professional training, advanced seminars and specialist workshops.

Investment for Systemic Coach Training

How We Can Work Together

We offer free coach training to people with whom we work together to provide quality systemic coach training. We need to know that you are motivated, responsible and effective. We need to know that you have credibility and that you finish what you start.

  1. Read our articles about systemic coaching and coach training.
  2. Contact us and we can check each other’s values and goals
  3. We discuss tentative locations, dates and costs
  4. We confirm location and dates and select an appropriate trainer
  5. You promote our workshop and build a contact list
  6. You purchase air tickets and arrange local accommodation
  7. The trainers normally arrive one day before a training
  8. The trainers present the training, provides demonstrations etc
  9. The trainers may offer private systemic coaching after the training
  10. If a trainer stays longer than planned, we pay our extra expenses
Ground Rules

As organizing international workshops is complex and as vague agreements about details can become frustrating, these ground rules apply to all training partners, although variances are possible.

You decide the workshop fee – we suggest that you price trainings around the cost of similar quality workshops in your area. Add the value of your time into your workshop fee, also your costs for materials, handouts and facilitation.

We teach systemic coaching, we can negotiate details and we will try to understand your situation. We prefer not to waste your time – if ANYTHING is not clear, please discuss it with us first.

  1. To reserve and confirm training dates, we require pre-paid return air travel to your location.
  2. See Systems Coach Training Rates for costs and expenses
  3. We can travel economy class on journeys of less than 4 hours. Over 4 hours = business class.
  4. We do not charge for time spent traveling under 4 hours. We charge $400 US for days which require more than 4 hours travel (including airport stopovers).
  5. When overnight flights are needed, we require business class air travel. (We want to be ready to work – not ready to sleep.)
  6. Air tickets must include a flexible return date
  7. An organizer’s responsibilities include:
    a. promotion & advertising
    b. translation and liaison with media
    c. pickup trainer and drop-off at airport
    d. accommodation suitable for private coaching sessions
    e. transport to/from the training venue from the accommodation
    f. local taxes and liability insurance
    g. informing people about opportunities for private coaching
  8. In the event of a cancellation by an organizer:
    a. over 56 days before an event – 100% of down-payment returned
    b. 28-56 days before an event – 50% of down-payment returned
    c. under 28 days before an event – down-payment is not returned
  9. In the event of a cancellation by a Soulwork Trainer:
    a. another Soulwork trainer will be found and the fee reduced by 25%
    b. if no other trainer is available, 100% of down-payment and air fare is returned
    c. note that we have not defaulted once in 12 years
  10. Trainers and organizers are free of obligations outside the agreed training periods
Cross Training

We enjoy cross-training students and trainers with other organizations. If you manage a coaching academy or therapist school, we may cooperate with your programs and include your people in ours.

People who see our systemic coaching demonstrations often request private sessions or training for themselves, their friends and their families. When we are busy, we refer potential clients to our graduates and to helping professionals whom we trust. If you want to be on our referral list, email us.

Free Introduction Talks & Seminars

Our Introduction to Systems Coaching seminars provide people with an overview of basic systemic coaching skills. These workshops help people decide if they want to learn systemic coaching for their own pleasure, to improve their own relationships or to coach other people to improve their relationships.

Introduction to systems coaching seminars and workshops can be from a half-day to three days, depending on how much people want to learn.

Another approach is to organize an introduction to Shamanic Coaching or Hawaiian Spirituality … many people who enjoy these topics will also enjoy systemic coaching, and we enjoy teaching these topics.

Perhaps you would be interested in organizing groups in other countries? For example, a training in Kathmandu that includes trekking to Annapurna in the Himalayas? Or a training in Cardiff that includes a tour of South Wales? Or a training in Egypt that includes a cruise on the Nile to ancient sites?

Three Ways to Organize our Training

There are a few basic ways to organize our trainings, seminars and workshops, and you can choose between training packages or daily rates … and we would like to know your better ideas!

  1. You arrange in-house trainings for an organization or association
  2. You arrange public trainings and manage the details from start to finish
  3. You arrange groups to travel to an interesting location for training there.

Investment & Fees . Projects . Agreements

Hints & Tips

Reveal yourself in how you promote and market yourself. Promotion is not only clever tricks to increase your sales. Marketing is not only strategic ways to position your business. These are opportunities to show – or to hide – who you are.

You will make mistakes and you will miss opportunities. How you react tells people everything about your business and its leaders! Ask your friends and colleagues to check out your advertising materials to ensure that they align with who you are. Present yourself the way you truly wish to be.

  • Read Coaching Humor: Organizers!
  • Helping professionals can request our mentorship here
  • Avoid trying to promote very abstract topics like Better Health
  • Choose a specific topics that are interesting to people in your area
  • Ask for pre-registration, so that you can better plan appropriate space

If you value money more than people – you are not a coach!

Individual systems coaching increases individual happiness and reduces suffering. Conjoint (simultaneous) coaching increases systemic success – we increase the adaptability and survival potential of relationships. We embed individual coaching within systems coaching.

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