Overly simple, naive solutions for relationship problems
can have unpleasant consequences. You can do better than that.

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Martyn Carruthers

Words can justify freedom or bondage. The same words can build hatred or happiness. Today’s truth quickly becomes tomorrow’s foolishness and my words are forever subject to your interpretation.

Our trainings are intensely practical, with many demonstrations and enough theory and discussion for the systemic solutions to be understood and effectively applied. This is primarily designed for helping professionals who wish to expand their horizons.

1: Accelerated Learning

To accelerate learning and to prolong retention, see Accelerated Learning

An outline of systemic education is described HERE. Competence in our accelerated learning includes basic hypnosis and interactive metaphors.

2: Health Issues & Pain Relief

Coach people to manage symptoms and to relieve pain. See Pain Control.

Relief of long-term pain is described at Long-Term Pain Relief. Competence in the “short-term” pain control techniques in this course includes synesthesia and interactive metaphors. (Complementary training is available for people who work with dissociation – to coach people to associate).

3: Expert Modeling

Coach people to duplicate the unconscious components of expert performance. (Systems 7: From Toxic Models to Inspiration. Systems 7 includes three days of experiential training in Expert Modeling. (Complementary training is available for people who work with mentor damage – to help people extinguish learned behaviors).

4: Death and Dying

Coach people to prepare for death and to deal with the deaths of parents, relatives, colleagues and friends. This includes the deaths of children and young adults, and the consequences of abortion and suicide . (Systems 6 coach training includes how to resolve entanglements with dead people, with a special focus on healing the family consequences of suicide and abortion.)

5: Learning Disabilities

Coach parents to minimize the likelihood of their children developing learning disabilities, or to alleviate the systemic disturbances that disturb a child’s learning abilities. Learning disabilities are part of our systemic counseling program, which finds many learning disabilities to be a product of immature parenting or emotional incest. See Emotional Incest and Learning Disabilities.

6: Partnership Coaching

Coach people who want to build a strong base for long-term happy partnership by replacing old toxic relationship habits with improved relationship skills. See Emotional Maturity, Couple Coaching and Enjoying Partnership.

7: NLP Training

Some coach graduates ask for NLP Practitioner and/or NLP Master Practitioner certification. We teach selected NLP skills, focusing on integrity, relationship ecology and modeling excellence. We discuss and demonstrate the consequences of NLP interventions to people and their relationships.

You learn how to reverse or unwind many toxic or unpleasant consequences of NLP techniques, hypnotic double-binds and NLP therapy, and how to heal relationships damaged by good intentions and arrogance. See NLP Ecology Redefined and NLP Strategies.

8: Disaster Management

Coach emergency and volunteer workers to use their talents and resources while avoiding burnout and stress-disorders. This course can be adapted for firefighters, police and security agencies, paramedics and military personnel. See Recession Coaching, Survival Coaching, Contingency Planning and Emergency Resources.

9: Refugee Coaching

Coach emergency workers to coach victims of wars and natural disasters to manage trauma, loss and PTSD to rebuild effective lives. We may provide this training for volunteer and charity relief workers in emergency and crisis situations. See Survival Coaching, Refugee Management and Exit Coaching.

10: Relationship Diagnosis

Family constellations and family matrix show how system members connect and bond in love and in guilt. Our unconscious knowledge of our families includes the actions of our ancestors – lead to a Soulwork idiom – “There’s no such thing as family secrets“.

Systemic diagnosis reveal deep insights into unconscious conflicts and provides solutions for unhappy relationships, difficult lives and disease. This training is incorporated into Systems 1 (Relationship Diagnosis), Systems 6 (Issues of Identity) and Systems 5 (Relationship Bonds).

11: Design a Coach

Tell us your needs! We design specialty coaching and training programs for unique situations and requirements. (E.g.: submarine crews, disabled people, wilderness exploration, inner city teachers, airline management, refugee management, NBC warfare inspections … tell us what you need!)

Do you want to manage complex emotional and relationship challenges?

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