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We help people improve their relationships, their personal and professional development and their quality of life.

Tell us about your goals, what stops you reaching them and what you have already tried.

Please mention your town and country, your motivation, your age and whether you prefer to travel or have online sessions.

Systemic Solutions FAQ

We refer clients to people whom we have trained, and to professionals who can manage relationship problems and identity loss

Are you a helping professional? Do you want us to refer clients to you? Email us and tell us about your work, your specialties and your experience.

We will not refer clients to people who cannot manage relationship problems, or who only offer dissociation, NLP or New Age techniques.

Online Sessions, Private Visits or Professional Training?

If any of the following apply to you – please seek local help first:

* You are under 18
* You want free sessions
* You cannot cope with change
* You may harm  yourself or others
* You cannot cope  with your  daily  life
* You need treatment for psychiatric disorders

Are you mostly mature and responsible? YESMAYBENO
Are you friendly? Do you have good friends? YESMAYBENO
Are you reliable? Do you finish what you start? YESMAYBE NO
Are you honest? Do you generally avoid deception? YESMAYBE NO
Are you usually proactive  to solving life challenges? YESMAYBE NO
Have you suffered enough?  Do you want to change? YESMAYBE NO
Can  you  enjoy using new ways  and  new  behaviors? YESMAYBE NO
Are you willing to stop complaining, blaming and shaming? YESMAYBE NO
Are you financially prepared to invest in  your own future? YESMAYBE NO
Are you  ready to  explore and change any  self-sabotage? YESMAYBE NO
Do you intend to improve your health, wealth  and happiness? YESMAYBE NO

* For each YES – give yourself 3 points
* For each MAYBE – only 1 point
* Count your points …

Over 24: You seem motivated and mature. Coaching you will be a pleasure.

Over 15: You seem ready to change. Our coaching should be good for you.

Under 15: Are you really ready to change? Which resources do you need?

During our private sessions, you can discuss and explore your goals and plans, as we together search for appropriate solutions that honor and empower your relationships, your work and your life.

  • Do you want to bring us to your location?
  • Online coaching is less intense and highly flexible.
  • Private coaching is fast and intense; we can help you make arrangements.

Online coaching . Private Sessions . Couple Coaching . Advanced Training

  • For more on costs – see Investment
  • Perhaps print this page for easy reference
  • One of us will respond your first email freely
  • We follow well-defined ethics – see Code of Conduct
  • Your personal details are private – see Privacy Policy
  • The more accurately you answer – the better we can respond
  • Aggressive emails and victim-like demands are deleted on impact
  • This is not an online form – please answer these questions by email
Please copy, paste, complete and email to:
Name: Partnership Status: City / time zone:
Age: Health: Problem started:
Major goals:
Major problems:
Emotional blocks:
Relationship issues:
Additional information:
Which article did you like?
What have you already tried?
When would you like to start?
Do you have Skype and PayPal accounts?

Please do not send email attachments – just copy and paste this into your email.

If you can, please mention your motivation, your time frame for your success and whether you can travel. If relevant, mention your education, profession and special skills; also any disease, disabilities, and whether you are taking psychoactive drugs or are attending psychotherapy or psychiatric treatment etc. (If so, we may ask you to talk to your health care provider about whether or not to include our coaching.)

Our coaching sessions are not a substitute for medical care, nor for professional legal advice. Contact us to manage emotional problems and improve relationships.

Guidelines for your Coaching
Skype Coaching Private Sessions Professional Training
You want to learn new skills; or you want to apply existing skills in different contexts. You want better relationships. You want to solve entanglements. You want to be happier. Organizational coaching, for community / international projects.
You want new perspectives on life, or you want sense-of-life. You want to change or control your habits or compulsions. You want in-house training for an organization.
You want better relationships; you want quality partnership, parenthood or leadership. You want to manage relationship issues (Couple Coaching; Family Coaching; or Team Coaching). You want contingency planning or disaster relief.
You want success. You want to solve personal or relationship problems at home or at work. You want to manage codependent relationships or end long term abuse or manipulation. You want refugee management for people who are lost or disconnected.

We do not help people achieve goals which, in our opinion,
are criminal, unethical or which hurt children.

Contact us … your email address is safe with us.

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