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We coach individuals, partners, families and teams. Our life coaching can increase individual happiness and reduce suffering. Our relationship counseling can increase the adaptability and survival of relationship systems.
We embed systemic life coaching and counseling into our online therapy.

To achieve more goals … improve more relationships!

1. Family Coaching (Systemic Coach 9)

Do you want to coach families to build harmony and manage complaints? You can solve transferences and triangular conflicts. This includes solutions for emotional incest, parent coaching and adoption coaching. Most parents want their children grow and succeed. Family coaching helps keep both parents and children focused and motivated. Family coaching can help all family members find abstract visions while understanding how to reach specific goals and success.

We coach families who want more pleasure and happiness together – and less conflicts and problems. We coach healthier families with better communications, more focus and happier members.

2. Team Coaching (Systemic Coach 10)

Do you want to coach team leaders and teams to build effective and dynamic harmony? Recognize and solve hidden agendas and other common team problems. You can coach team leaders to select and support team members – and vice versa. Balance team maintenance with team effectiveness. How to work directly with the owner, director or CEO – followed by team coaching – for best results.

Learn how team members connect and bond. Your not-conscious knowledge of team and team leaders includes the fate of predecessors. Team coaching provides you with deep insights into unconscious conflicts, and provides solutions to remedy unhappy teams and excluded team members.

  • Gain agreement on goals
  • Dissolve hidden agendas
  • Build support for team leader
  • Better communication skills
  • Clear roles without conflict
  • Efficient use of time
3. Corporate Coaching (Systemic Coach 11)

Do you want to coach CEOs, owners, directors and managers to evaluate and redefine organizations? You can coach teams to manage communication difficulties and resistance to organizational success.

The problems of change are obvious and the problems of not changing are predictable. A human system acts and respond like a complex person. A key question is “What to change – in what sequence – how?” Our Systemic Coaching answers such questions.

Do you want to coach CEO’s, owners and managers to redefine their services to adapt to cultural expectations and changing societal values. Our corporate coaching includes individual and couple coaching for managers, team coaching for management, and expert modeling for line staff.

4. Community Coaching (Systemic Coach 12)
Do you want to coach community leaders to manage difficulties between families, cultures and religions within their community? This complex coaching integrates all strategies from systemic coaching strategies and training. (This is for experienced coaches. Participants should have completed our systemic coach training 1-8 or have massive coaching experience.)

Systemic Coaching . Questions . Origins . Conduct

Systemic Trainer Training

Our trainers-in-training develop both trainer and mentor competencies, and high quality leadership skills. Potential Soul Work trainers assist systemic coach training, and participate in student supervision.

If you are consciously developing your relationship skills at partnership, team and community level, you may enjoy our trainer-training. Otherwise … maybe choose something less demanding.

Our trainers can teach theory while demonstrating systemic coaching skills with strangers before public audiences. They can monitor exercises, provide feedback and correct situations in front of audiences. Soul Work coaches are competent … and to become a trainer, you need more than competence.

Training demands expertise … competence is not enough.

Our trainers represent enormous experience and proven competence. Our Trainer licensing requires complete systemic coach training, 2000 hours of documented client contact using systemic coaching, couple coaching or corporate coaching. Trainers-in-training learn advanced classroom skills, and receive personal hands-on instruction, private coaching while co-training with the founders.

Trainer licensing is granted when all conditions are fulfilled

We do not support people who claim to teach Soul Work systemic coaching without our approval. Such people are refused further training, and we may not accept their students onto more advanced training unless the students can demonstrate competence in systemic diagnosis and goal specification.

Specialty Training

Our specialty courses have common themes of excellence, innovation and competence. Each specialty course includes demonstrations, exercises and specific skills training in complex coaching.

Health Coaching Courses
  1. Health: Control disease symptoms and pain without drugs
  2. Death and Dying: Coach the aged and terminally ill
  3. Emergency Management: Coaching and training for emergencies and crisis
  4. Refugee Coaching: Coach refugees to rebuild their lives

Stress . Depression . Cancer . Diabetes

Educational Coaching Courses
  1. Expert Modeling – Coaching expert performance
  2. Accelerated Learning– Coaching students for rapid learning
  3. Learning Disabilities – Coaching parents to avoid LDs in children

Expert Modeling . Accelerated Learning . Prevent Learning Disabilities

Business Coaching Courses
  1. Negotiating – Winning so that everybody benefits
  2. Interviewing – Hiring, Inspiring and Firing
  3. Integrity Selling – “Selling” as a long term relationship
  4. Decision Coaching– Assistance in making critical decisions
  5. Creativity Coaching – Generating choices and effective ideas

Systemic Solutions for Management

Emergency Coaching Courses
  1. Basics – Responding to emergencies and crisis
  2. Getting Ready – Overview of emergency skills and roles
  3. Plans and Operations – Specific emergencies and their control
  4. Preparing for Disaster – Skills for making critical decisions
  5. Crisis Coaching – Assisting people in various crisis and traumatic situations

Emergency Preparedness

More Specialty Courses . Systemic Solutions . Coach Examination

Do you want to gain clarity, solve emotional and relationship issues?

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