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Systemic Solutions & Practical Integrity
Systemic Solutions © Martyn Carruthers

Our life coaching guidelines in plain language ...

Coach Registration   Coach Exam   Coach Mentor

Summary of our Systemic Coaching Philosophy

You can effectively help people change if you understand the causes, benefits and consequences of similar behaviors by people with similar health and cultural background.

During our training, you learn through experience, demonstration, discussion and exercises

Practical Integrity

  1. Practical Integrity implies that we share a vision and we strive to demonstrate our vision. Every aspect of this Code of Conduct attempts to support every aspect of our systemic coaching.
  2. This Code of Conduct is to assist and guide active Soulwork Coaches. It is integrated with Coach Registration, Supervisor Approval and Trainer Licensing.
  3. Soulwork Diploma (home-study) students need only agree to support this Code of Conduct.
  4. If you consider any point to be vague - please suggest alternate wording.
  5. Martyn Carruthers asserts his right to be identified as the Founder of Soulwork Systemic Coaching.

Our Code of Conduct

Some people prefer to act in immature and codependent ways, and
some adults dislike responsibility. Such people may not complete
our systemic coach training. If they don't grow up - they quit!

Each person applying to be registered as a Soulwork Systemic Coach agrees to:

  1. Possess a valid Soulwork Systemic Coaching certificate dated within 12 months, or if a certificate is older than 12 months, evidence of 200 hours of active Soulwork practice in the previous 12 months
  2. Possess a valid written invitation from a Licensed Soulwork Trainer dated within 12 months
  3. Read, question, challenge, clarify and agree to this Code
  4. Comply with this Code during the practice of Soulwork Systemic Coaching
  5. Not publish, post, duplicate, email or give away Soulwork training materials
  6. Comply with standards that may be published from time to time by the Founder concerning topics as advertising, training, trademark use, descriptions, coaching specialties and international law

1. General Conduct

To become or remain registered as a Soulwork Coach, a person agrees to:

1.1  Reasonably strive to resolve own conflicts, bonds and trauma.

1.2  Reasonably maintain the reputation and improve the public image of Soulwork Systemic Solutions;

1.3  Reasonably exercise Competence, Integrity, Confidentiality and Responsibility during the practice of Soulwork, as described in this Code, subject to Penalties;

1.4  Reasonably ensure that employees and students of the Soulwork Coach comply with the Confidentiality section of this Code.

1.5  Represent their training, registration and licensing status accurately.

2. Competence

To become or remain registered as a Soulwork Coach, a person agrees to:

2.1 Maintain and improve the Coach's competence (for example by attending conferences, practice sessions, assisting trainings, researching and publishing developments);

2.2 Offer paid coaching within the limits of the Coach's competence (a coach may refuse any potential client or may offer unpaid coaching to gain competence while exploring unfamiliar goals, see 2.6);

2.2 Only claim qualifications and experience that the Coach possesses;

2.3 Only claim competencies that the Coach can demonstrate to the satisfaction of a Licensed Soulwork Trainer;

2.4 Only offer paid coaching in areas in which the Coach is appropriately prepared (by prior experience, Soulwork training, exercise sessions and unpaid coaching);

2.5 Reasonably ensure that the Coach's qualifications, capabilities or views are not misrepresented by the Coach or by others, and correct such misrepresentations where possible;

2.6 If the Coach has insufficient resources, or if the requested coaching is outside the Coach's competence, refer people requesting coaching to qualified professionals (for example - a potential client reports or demonstrates psychotic or suicidal symptoms and a Coach lacks appropriate training)

2.7 Only offer Soulwork Training when licensed by the Founder.

3. Practical Integrity

To become or remain registered as a Soulwork Coach, a person agrees to:

3.1 Obtain the informed consent of participants prior to commencing Soulwork coaching;

3.2 Reasonably demonstrate clarity, honesty and dignity in the Coach's relationships, appropriate to the culture in which the Coach works;

3.3 Advertise in ways that encourage realistic expectations that the Coach can demonstrate;

3.4 Only offer coaching to people who are likely to benefit from it, and refer others to appropriate professionals;

3.5 Inform people about the Coach's coaching philosophy and likely consequences of Soulwork coaching;

3.6 Maintain a referral list of professionals with other specialties or expertise; (e.g. lawyers, accountants, psychologists)

3.7 Refer participants who are unlikely achieve their goals within their desired time-frame to appropriate professionals. (E.g.: Immature clients may demand "I want everything now".)

4. Confidentiality

To become or remain registered as a Soulwork Coach, a person agrees to:

4.1 Maintain appropriate records, preserve confidentiality and protect the privacy of clients.

4.2 Take reasonable steps to communicate information obtained during Soulwork in ways which ensure the privacy of involved individuals or organizations;

4.3 Take reasonable steps to only communicate personal information with the expressed permission of individuals or organizations who would be identified;

4.4 Take reasonable steps to ensure that colleagues, employees and students respect the confidentiality of personal records and information;

4.5 Record Soulwork sessions only with the expressed agreement of participants, both concerning the recordings and to the subsequent conditions of access to them;

4.6 If a Coach is seriously concerned about the safety of a person, or about people who may be threatened by a person’s behavior, inform appropriate third parties as soon as possible.

5. Responsibility

To become or remain registered as a Soulwork Coach, a person agrees to:

5.1 Reasonably support the interests of colleagues, students and clients;

5.2 Respect colleagues, students and clients, and refrain from conduct that may be detrimental to them;

5.3 Refuse any significant benefit offered by a client beyond that which was agreed (e.g.: an unstable client may offer a substantial bonus, a valuable gift or an intimate proposal);

5.4 Respect a participants’ religion, cultural beliefs and behaviors, sex, race, age, nationality, politics, social standing, class and other extraneous factors;

5.5 Value, respect and monitor his or her own physical and mental condition, and refrain from practicing Soulwork when his or her abilities are impaired, for whatever reason;

5.6 Value and respect relevant evidence of success when making public statements about Soulwork (e.g.: base claims on the Coach's experience and the demonstrated experience of others);

5.7 Value and respect the research, intellectual property and contributions of others;

5.8 Strive to understand, value and respect the capabilities, limitations and expertise of other professionals;

5.9 Maintain adequate physical safety during practice, exercises and training (e.g.: removing or repairing mechanical and electrical hazards);

5.10 Maintain adequate emotional safety during practice, exercises and training (e.g.: selecting appropriate clients and students; and respecting objections);

5.11 Maintain adequate relationship safety during practice, exercises and training (e.g.: assessing the effects of coaching on relationships outside the primary coaching relationship);

5.12 Inform the Founder of any publicized information about Soulwork Systemic Coaching.

6. Penalties

Soulwork Coach Registration, Soulwork Trainer Licensing and/or Soulwork Supervisor Approval may be withheld or terminated if a person:

  1. Does not fulfill or ceases to fulfill the requirements of this Code
  2. Teaches Soulwork Systemic Coaching without permission of the Founder
  3. Publishes Soulwork methodology or research without crediting the Founder
  4. Brings the names of Martyn Carruthers or Soulwork Systemic Coaching into disrepute
  5. Uses the names Martyn Carruthers or Soulwork Systemic Coaching without permission

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