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Click HERE to Manage Clairvoyance

We help people resolve emotional issues and relationship issues.
Sometimes this includes increasing or decreasing clairvoyance.

Is Clairvoyance a Blessing ... or a Curse ... or Normal?

Clairvoyance means ‘clear-seeing’ - becoming aware of things such as auras, energy fields, spirits and premonitions. Some people say that clairvoyance is a gift and some find it a hindrance. It may impress some people, while others may cautiously avoid you. Few people really want to share their hidden thoughts and memories.

Developing clairvoyance isn’t so difficult, if you start with willing friends - just imagine metaphoric images as you observe them. Imagine their thoughts and their self-talk. Look at photographs of people or hold someone's possessions - and guess the owner's feelings and emotions. Then talk about what you imagined and avoid feeling discouraged.

Next try to visualize auras and any connected entities. If this is scary - stop and distract yourself - some people carry a lot of emotional baggage.

Imagining things can be easy - validating and interpreting them are not. Clairvoyance can damage your relationships and can hurt your chances of long-term happiness unless you have good relationship skills and you can control any desire to give advice.

Some people get clairvoyant warnings, such as ‘Leave!’ or ‘Don’t go there!  You may seem to sense parts of a person's emotional reality, relationships or even past lives - just notice the information and, if you are interested, double-check it with other data.

Some people want to open their third eye, but then they want to close it, perhaps afraid of becoming psychotic. If you are not used to seeing so much, extra information can be overwhelming.

Which clairvoyance skills are the most important? I can only say "all of them ... at different times". Be aware that one drop of gasoline can spoil a cake.

Getting Started

A few people have told me, "I would know before my partner if he/she was going to have an affair".

Wanting to be clairvoyant is not enough - you may have to resolve emotional blocks, usually those based on ideas you must believe to maintain relationships.

Distrust your intuited information until you double or triple check it. It is horribly easy to feel a transference (e.g. you remind me of someone) and then assume that this person resembles your fantasy. Instead, ask people about themselves, where they live, work, their interests, hopes and dreams etc. Listen more than you talk! Get a bigger picture.

Friends are a way to see your future. If you want to know about your health, wealth and happiness in a few  years ... take a look at your friends now. You will probably become more like them.

Being friendly is usually a step towards good communication. Here are a few signs that may indicate that you can have healthy friendships:

  1. You know what qualities you want in a friend
  2. Your friendship skills are appropriate to the culture you are both in
  3. You seek friends (not substitutes for parents, siblings, partners, children or employees)

You’ll usually “see” or "hear" clairvoyant messages/images/vision in your mind. People describing clairvoyant experiences may talk about:

  1. Symbols and alphabets
  2. Colors around people or things
  3. Voices describing what they see
  4. Images that “flash” before their eyes
  5. Unexpected movements in their peripheral vision


If you can see auras, you may better understand people - and yourself. If you are not good at visualizing - relax. Learning to describe auras is easy although interpreting them is not. What will you do with this "extra" information? It is usually a good idea to say nothing.

Gray or dark auras may suggest that the person - or you - has a problem connected with someone else. Bright, clean auras suggest that a person - or you - is basically good.

Different colors suggest different meanings - rather than trusting someone else's color code, learn your own. Compare aura colors with what people tell you about themselves, their relationships and their physical and emotional health.

As you perceive auras, you may become aware of what and who people feel connected to - and to what they drag around with them.

Dead Spirits

Fact or fiction? If you consider yourself psychic, you may feel entangled with dead people - usually relatives who died during or shortly before your childhood (e.g. suicides, murder victims or abortions). See "dead person identification".

Together with psychic abilities, people entangled with dead people are often sad or melancholic, perhaps feeling that they don't belong here. They may feel relaxed in cemeteries and have dark rings around their eyes. (Other signs are not so simple.)

Ending Psychic Perception

When should you end clairvoyance? Some pointers are:

  1. You just don't care
  2. Being clairvoyant tires you
  3. You find yourself avoiding people
  4. Conversations are tired and lifeless

Ending clairvoyance requires clarity. Are you entangled with a dead person? Are you trying to impress people? Be clear about your goals. Good intentions can have very unpleasant consequences.

Unfinished article - work in progress

Friendship skills are key steps for sharing clairvoyant information ... and fundamental for more complex (adult) relationships.

  1. Early family ... babies who feel loved bond to their early family
  2. Friends ... children who feel supported by a family are friendly
  3. Teams ... adolescents with friendship skills enjoy working in teams
  4. Partners ... teenagers who can teamwork well become good partners
  5. Parents ... adults with good partnership skills become good parents
  6. Community ... adults with parenthood skills are community conscious
  7. Humanity ... adults with community skills support global goals

Some questions that I often ask:

  1. How friendly were your parents?
  2. Who taught you how to be friendly?
  3. How can good friendships benefit you?
  4. What relationship issues do you want to change?

Some Answers

Your decision to request our help may depend on:

  1. Your goals and your suffering
  2. Your relationship habits and beliefs
  3. Your recent and current relationships
  4. Whether you see your development as stupid, a luxury or an investment

We walk our talk - many just mumble their stumble!

We help people clarify:

  1. Relationships with past partners
  2. Codependence and emotional incest
  3. Issues about morals, ethics and integrity
  4. Relationship decisions, fights and conflicts
  5. Relationship diagnosis: planning and skill deficiencies
  6. Poor quality advice (from parents, friends, teachers, etc)
  7. Family and societal influences (limitations on happiness)
  8. Emotional trauma (often a source of anger, sadness and fear)
  9. Past and present relationships (confusion of relationship types)
  10. Family entanglements, transferences, projections and guilt issues

We do not (nor want to) work with unmotivated, immature people who don't know what they want; or who want to manipulate or control somebody. Plenty of people seem to offer coaching in manipulation, persuasion and control. Some people seem to enjoy manipulating others, and consider abuse and control to be communication skills.

Find a mentor with experience ... so many just have credentials.

Online Help

Few people are taught to be clairvoyant. If you have have "intuitions about other people - do you want to enhance or diminish them? Or do you only want them at certain times?

We help people solve emotional problems, end self-sabotage, change damaging habits and help build healthy relationships. Do you want to benefit from our experience?

  • Time-limited coaching
  • Long-term relationship counseling
  • Brief therapy for emotional issues
  • We offer you a helping hand - or a helping foot

As a last comment - you might want to tell people this extra information as if it was part of some recent  dream. This usually reduces any pressure or stress you feel about sharing strange information.

Online Help

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